Do you want to buy really best mouthwash?

How to choose mouthwash just for you

All there is but it can get confusing with all the marketing and all the different kinds and flavors and colors and things like that but there is a as and basically it's pretty simple there are male rinses that have fluoride that can help prevent tooth decay and then there are mouthwash is now at the store the ones are the most effective are ones that will kill bacteria.
And these are kind of antiseptic type of mouthwashes and I usually like to stick with the basics stick with something like a scope or Listerine product the Listerine a probably a little more effective at killing bacteria the scope are probably a little bit many you're in more refreshing but either one of them is a good thing and the bacteria it's a real important to kill them but because they're involved and not only bad breath but involved in gingivitis an inflammation so both names are beneficial but they do not take the place brushing and flossing so there's something you can add into your regimen best do not forget to brush and floss.
I'm really not I'm not big on a lot of those if you have a problem with a lot of cavities or with.
Gingivitis or gum disease I would say the best thing you need to do is to see your dentist because there are some special mouthwashes that are are much better than what's in it at at the at the stores in the supermarket that would be good good for you in those cases and something at the store you have to watch out for our I would call it cosmetic mouthwashes almost there mouthwashes that promise crazy things you know the whitening mouthwash is the the ones that are supposed to be.
For bad breath but they don't really have any good medicines and there are things that cover up bad breath but they do not treat the problem so if you have questions about mob mouthwashes come see me and will decide what's best for you.